Indatus Cloud-based Solutions transform raw data into powerful tools to help your business run more efficiently. Because each solution is online, there’s nothing to install, upgrades occur automatically, and they can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connection. And whether the solution is tracking leads, handling after-hours calls, or sending mass voice and text messages, in the end they all do same thing — help your business grow.

Put your faith in the nation’s most trusted answering service. When your staff is unavailable, Answer Automation greets callers with a consistent, professional message and instantly routes service requests, after-hour emergencies, new sales opportunities and any other phone calls specific to your business. Answer Automation also helps you keep your budget in check with flat rate pricing and reduced overtime.
Call Tracker is a powerful solution for measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by tracking phone data. It accurately identifies how much phone traffic each ad generates. It also allows you to measure the quality of your employee phone interaction by recording and sorting phone activity.
ZIP Digital is the most cost-effective mass communication tool on the market. It allows the user the ability to upload a database of phone numbers and schedule, or instantly send: Phone messages using text-to-speech technology, SMS text messages, or E-mail notifications.
These days, everything is data. From moving images to voice, it can all be broken down to 1's and 0's. Our Data Equipment & Services team can work with you to supply and install all the proper equipment to run, store, and harness the true power of your data. Our on-staff experts range from network technicians to security & surveillance experts. As strategic partnerships with some of the largest equipment providers in the world, we can even get you great deals on top-of-the-line endpoints.

Data Management

Data Management means putting our experts to work for your company. From planning a network, to finding and purchasing equipment, and even down to removing a virus from that pesky PC, our team is up to the challenge.

Phone Systems

Indatus uses its 20 years of experience in telecommunications and our mastery of advanced open architecture to take phone data and seamlessly integrate with phones, computers, text, and all sorts of mobile devices.

Security and Surveillance

The same cables that carry voice and data can also serve as the backbone of a sate-of-the-art security system that even the Secret Service would find impressive. Indatus security experts will design a digital security and surveillance system that will keep your employees, your customers and your assets safe and sound.

Data and Network Cabling

With Indatus, you know you will be hooked up with and superior design, quality installation, and top brands. Your phone, security and other data systems will be fast and reliable. Indatus is the one of the largest Panduit dealers in the country, and our technicians are highly trained, and have the certifications to prove it.